Basement Flooring

Let’s talk about the basement. For most people, the basement is not a place where much time is spent. For many people, the basement doesn’t even exist. Many people rent or live in one level homes. This doesn’t really apply to them. But perhaps at some point in their life they will have a basement.

Often times, basements are used primarily for storage. Sometimes the laundry room would be located there, far away from normal common areas. We can’t have a loud machine running in the living room. We can’t have it in the kitchen either. However, I have seen washers and dryers in some kitchens.

If a basement is not used much does it really matter what type of flooring is used? The answer is yes and no. Or a better answer is, it depends. One factor that comes into play is what the homeowner prefers. This is probably the most important aspect. Another factor is if the homeowner will stay in the home for a long period of time. And even if the homeowner doesn’t like their basement flooring, it’s not guaranteed that they will be able to afford to change it. The price might be anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars. To see some nice concrete flooring examples, visit Epoxy NYC.

The real question is if the basement should be soft flooring or hard flooring. By soft flooring I mostly mean carpeting. By hard flooring I mean granite, wood, or laminate, among other hard surfaces. There is also something in between. It’s a type of very thin carpeting but on the harder side. This might be a nice compromise for someone who is unsure of which choice to select. Whatever the homeowner picks, they should know that their choice will probably be in place for many years to come.

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