Flooring: Colored Decorative Tiles

Flooring: Colored Decorative Tiles

Fewer means more, a lot of the time you’ll hear from the design and architecture perspective. Being safe is somewhat boring and you need to make bold choices to add personality and character to a room. One quirky way you can do a bold choice is by making use of colored and decorative tiles. You are sure to find something to suit your taste from bold Spanish, Moroccan and Portuguese styles or even epoxy designs that have a glass like look, search for a local epoxy flooring company to get more discreet glass and mosaic tiles.

Mediterranean Style

Match the bold patterns and colors of the traditional tiles by combining terracotta tiles and earthy neutral colors if you want to go for a traditional Mediterranean style in your kitchen, bathrooms or outdoor area. The color combination will make your home feel like an authentic Spanish villa and will surely surprise your guests. It is also known to motivate cooks and chefs to try new spices and flavors when opting for these colors in the kitchen. You can also go for white subway tiles and modern fixtures if you prefer to give the traditional tiles a modern look.

Flooring: Colored Decorative Tiles

Bright and Calm Design

There are ways you can add color to the design without making too big of a statement if you think these patterns and colors are a bit too daring and are not your personality especially if you are refurbishing a rental or sell a property. You use calming colors like adding light blue or green glass, or mosaic tiles to a bathroom or as a kitchen backsplash. These colors will make any bathroom look spa-like and can lighten up any kitchen or set a beach-house mood.

Keep in mind that these aren’t the only ways to add colored tiles to a room. You yourself can make color combination according to your specs. You can mix and match different materials for something unusual; adding patterned tiles to the living room will make it at as the subject of conversation. Adding not only color but also texture with different tile shapes, or letting your creative mind flow and play with mosaic tiles for an outdoor shower, imagination for your next project is limitless.

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